Phase 2 Strength & Conditioning Course

Final Phase Of Your Strength 
& Conditioning Qualification

Course Overview

Course Background:

The Phase 2 S&C Course is an intermediate level course and is the final phase of the National Certificate in Strength & Conditioning (NCSC) qualification. This course is suited to coaches who want to continue their understanding of Strength & Conditioning and/or want to become a fully qualified Strength & Conditioning coach. On this 3 day course, you’ll build on your knowledge and coaching skills learned on the Phase 1 S&C Course. Phase 2 will explore more advanced methods of training and systems used for elite level athletes.

Key focus will be on strength & power development using complex training, maximal aerobic speed (MAS) for energy system development (ESD) and advanced program design. Phase 2 finishes with an athlete case study, bringing together all content learned on the course. To become NCSC qualified, participants must begin with the Phase 1 Course, progress onto the Phase 2 Course before taking their NCSC exam to become a qualified Strength & Conditioning coach.

Inside The Phase 1 Course

Lecture & Practical Sessions:

The Phase 2 Course provides expert instruction on the systems and methodologies for Strength & Conditioning through three days of classroom lectures, small-group coaching sessions, and coach-led workouts. The Phase 2 Course environment and all aspects of the course are supportive of all levels of participants, from the absolute beginner to the more experienced.

Lecture Sessions:

Phase 2 course lecture sessions include:

  1. Strength & power development
  2. Advanced program design
  3. Energy system development (ESD)
  4. Conjugate periodization
  5. Athlete case study

Practical Sessions:

Phase 2 course practical sessions include:

  1. Coaching the Snatch
  2. Upper body complex training
  3. Max velocity speed
  4. Lower body complex training
  5. ESD fitness testing
  6. Anaerobic glycolysis ESD

Course Information

Course Content:

Some of the topics delivered on the Phase 2 S&C Course includes:

  • Strength & power development
  • Coaching the Snatch
  • Recovery methods
  • Max velocity speed
  • Fast SSC plyometrics
  • Energy system testing
  • Anaerobic glycolysis and aerobic ESD
  • Advanced program design
  • Conjugate periodization

Learning Outcomes:

On successful completion of this course the participant will:

  • Learn how to enhance strength & power using various methods of training
  • Develop strength and power for upper and lower extremity
  • Integrate recovery strategies into the program
  • Gain a range of practical coaching skills
    • Energy system testing
    • Max velocity speed
    • Coach the Snatch
    • Develop tendon stiffness plyometrics
    • Improve aerobic and anaerobic glycolysis energy systems
  • Formulate advanced programs for elite level athletes
  • Create programs to develop max velocity speed and ESD
  • Devise a conjugate periodization model for planning

Course Fee & Registration

Course Fee:  €595

Course Accreditation:

NSCA CEU Approved Provider
ACE Approved

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